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  • February 2023 Newsletter

  • Bringing back BikeLOVE PDX for February 2023
    This month BikeLOUD PDX is dedicated to loving others. Not just other folks who bike, but all of our fellow Portlanders we move on our streets with.
    This means we show LOVE to folks walking.
    LOVE to those who roll
    LOVE to those who scoot
    LOVE those who skate
    and yes, LOVE folks who drive safely, and responsibly.

    Showing this love, and expressing empathy to other Portlanders is one small way we can exemplify good behavior and magnify the feelings of joy biking can provide. Reaching 25% of all trips by 2030 requires each one of us to exemplify and showcase how great it is to bike, and to encourage others to 'get on the saddle' for that next trip.

    With LOVE, the BikeLoud PDX Board