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  • Helpful Links for Cyclists

  • Portland Bike Map~ City bike map including street type, recommended routes, bike shop locations, climbs, difficult intersections, etc.

    StreetsPDX ~ City website that's all about planning considerations for Portland streets: street classification, street widths, potential street configurations.

    Shift2Bikes Calendar~ Community-powered calendar for bike rides and other bike-related events. Add your own ride to it. Official calendar of Pedalpalooza!

    PDX Reporter~ Report leaves, debris and cars in the bike lane.

    Speed Limits Around Portland~ Interactive map:

    Commute Time in Portland~ Calculates commute time based on start location, destination, and mode of transportation.

    TriMet Bike and Bus Trip Planner~ Helps users determine best and fastest way to get to their destination.

    Reports Map~ Shows on a map where people have reported various issues, including illegal parking, potholes, work zone concerns, and other issues that affect cycling.

    Safe Streets | Slow Streets Brainstorm Map~ Share your ideas for how to improve the Safe Streets | Slow Streets program.

    OpenStreetMap - Crowd-sourced map of the entire globe. Check out the Cycle Layer on

    BRouter Bicycle Router - Bicycle routing with multiple profiles (fast/confident vs. cautious/safe). Try it out here:

    Cycling for Children