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  • Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) Survey 11/10-12/10


    Much against the consensus of induced demand ODOT/WSDOT and the traffic engineering community has had for years now, freeway expansions are back on in 2021 even as we face deadly heat waves, tragic flooding, and a variety of natural disasters induced by climate change.

    However, agree or disagree, the boondoggle I-5 Bridge Replacement project is going through the woodworks and the survey above is looking for your input. It seems like time and time again the folks who fill this survey out are letting ODOT/WSDOT use it as reason to replace the 1917 bridge span with a 10+ lane monster. However, it's up to folks who see the current climate disasters as an alarm to voice themselves. This expansion of auto-dependence does not serve our future, and should NOT be how we get around in 2125. Folks who rely on every other mode to voice themselves during these surveys, too. Not just for folks on bikes, but for folks who walk, roll, MAX, bus. We are in this together.

    If you want to voice your opinion outside of the survey, contact IBR here:

    Also a community briefing is planned Monday 11/22. Register here: