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  • Make some noise for NWIM!

  • Sign up to testify by Tuesday, (Oct. 6), at 4 PM with this link:

    You can also submit written testimony by October 8th:

    Despite the density of homes & businesses and large percentage of car free households, NW Portland has long struggled to remake its street grid friendlier to people biking.,  The percentages of people biking for transportation has trailed behind the rest of the city. We’re hopeful that is about to change with Northwest in Motion, a five year implementation plan that the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is presenting to City Council on October 8th. PBOT is planning to install 17 (!) new diverters across the district within the next two years, in addition to many crossing improvements on busier streets. With these sensible, inexpensive changes, PBOT expects biking to double within five years, an impressive achievement that shows some ambition. This plan is also piloting several exciting programs for “self-enforcing” streets through district-wide traffic calming measures, a more equitable way to keep our streets safe without the use of law enforcement.

    What's great about Northwest in Motion?

    • PBOT is moving fast! All phase one diverters (there are 17 of them!) will be installed within two years, and most within one year.
    • For a modest $2.5 million investment in neighborhood greenways, bike riding is projected to nearly double, from the current 8% to 14%.
    • We have a chance to correct long standing inequities. NW Portland has had a failing greenway system for years, despite the many residents who have low incomes, are renters, or have no access to cars. NW Portland was ranked as one of the worst areas in the city for excessively high vehicle counts on neighborhood greenways in 2015, and none met standards for All Ages and Abilities.
    Proposed Diverters (Source: NWIM Proposal)

    Does everyone love these changes? Unfortunately, no. That's why we need you to share your stories with City Council on October 8th. A small amount of people can make a huge amount of difference in these hearings. NW Portland won’t get another chance for quality transportation investments like this one for a while, so we need to make it count!

    To testify over Zoom, sign up at this link by Tuesday at 4pm (check item #806):

    You can also submit written testimony by October 8th: