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  • PROTEST at CITY HALL: 9/6 8:30a


    Let us know if you plan on attending:

    We are asking all folks who LOVE biking to show up and demand that city hall take traffic violence in this city seriously. We are ending summer 2023 with what will likely be one of the deadliest on Portland's streets for Portlanders walking, biking, rolling by Portlanders driving.

    Meet at the front steps of City Hall at 8:30. Rally to include walking/rolling and biking around City Hall, and an opportunity to attend City Council's 9:30 meeting.

    BIKELOUD has long understood the largest barrier people have to biking in Portland is the constant threat of danger from reckless driving and traffic violence.

    Come join us and give power to those 45 people killed on our streets by dangerous driving since January who can no longer speak for themselves.

    We demand:

    1) SAFE STREETS: Respond to every crash with a commitment to implement physical protection that protects all road users.

    2) FUNDING: We need to prioritize safe streets by funding programs that support Vision Zero, right when PBOT is looking to cut funding to programs. Prioritizing Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility (POEM) and other revenue building mechanisms are paramount to reducing traffic deaths and injuries.

    3) ENFORCEMENT: Deploy speed enforcing cameras every 1/2 mile on ALL high-crash corridors by end of 2023. Employ 24/7 UNARMED traffic enforcement officers to patrol our most dangerous streets. Enact laws that remove driving privileges for people who kill and injure with their cars.

    4) CULTURE: We demand all elected leaders across Portland and Multnomah County prioritize programs that limit impaired driving: a common denominator in most crashes. Campaigns at bars, restaurants, liquor stores to warn Portlanders of the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. Enact these campaigns only if our other demands are met congruently: words alone do not change culture: action does.

    More info:

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