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  • Volunteer Directory

  • Looking for some help with your project or interest? Bikeloud PDX is currently gathering the skillsets of our variety of volunteers!  We do this to easily allow volunteers to share their skillsets with bicycling advocates, and so bicycling advocates can find people with the skills they're seeking.  We'll keep this list updated to the best of our ability.  

    To add, change, or delete your contribution to this list, contact us at bikeloudpdx [AT] gmail [DOT] com


    Traffic instructor.  Teaches traffic safety.  Stand up for VRUs.  Has data for causes of crashes/fatalities, and teaches how to avoid the top causes.

    Tyler Norbury

    Software engineer.  UI/UX design.  Photography.

    Hami Ramani

    Group rides.

    Sean Sweat

    Governance stuff

    Cathy Tuttle

    Guerrilla tactics

    Shawne Martinez


    Nic Cota

    Civil engineering / permitting