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  • BikeLoud seeks unique volunteer positions

  • These are fun, social ways to help Portland, and you’d work with BikeLoud members:

    Bike Shop Liaison. We look to get more connected with bike shops, their owners, and their communities to learn the specific ways Bikeloud can support and advocate for them! It’s a critical step as we grow and fill the need for a citywide bike advocacy group. The liaison will:

    • Join BikeLoud as we meet with Portland bike shop owners
    • Chat about their needs.
    • Drive the solutions to meet those needs.
    • Example: a bike shop requested a poster and 3x5”cards of our Bike Buddy program, plus wants to promote+host a series of 5 bike advocacy talks at their bike shop. You’d work with the BikeLoud board to create these things.

    Bike Buddy Program Manager.  Grow our Bike Buddy program that matches new riders with experienced cyclists.

    • Collaborate with PBOT (interested to provide funding), bike shops, and other interested organizations
    • Create a system for managing volunteers interested to be the Buddy
    • Create a system to vet/train Buddies
    • Have vision for how to grow the program.  Ultimately raise the number of Bike Buddy requests from 1 every few weeks, to several per week.

    If interested to learn more, email: