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What We're About

The mission of BikeLoud PDX is to ensure Portland follows its own goal to make the city a place where one quarter of all of our trips are done on bicycles.

The goal of bike trips being 25% of all trips was approved multiple times by the Portland City Council: the 25% of all trips goal is in the 2030 Bicycle Master Plan (approved in 2010), in the 2015 Portland Climate Action Plan, and in the 2015 Transportation System Policy Plan (part of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update).

Bicycles as part of our transportation future makes sense to us!
Bikes are an important and equitable solution for our climate emergency. Bicycles are a more affordable choice for many Portlanders. Too few parts of our city have adequate bicycle facilities. More bicycles and fewer cars creates room for more trees, community spaces, and affordable housing. And bicycles are great for our emotional and physical well being. When we ride bikes, we feel better!

Portland has continued to grow since the Bicycle Master Plan was adopted in 2010, but the number of people riding bikes to get around has stayed stagnant. People make 6% of all their trips by bike in Portland.

How BikeLoud PDX helps

From social rides to policy rides, BikeLoud PDX hosts many rides throughout the year to encourage people to meet each other, bike more, learn, and have fun. Our volunteer committees follow policy and address best practices in infrastructure to help Portland meet its 25% goal.

BikeLoud PDX supports streets for people

BikeLoud PDX supports fixing streets to function well for the nearly 40% of Portlanders who do not drive because they cannot afford to own a car, or have disabilities that make driving difficult, or because they are too young to drive but want the freedom to use our shared public space. We support Portlanders who cannot drive and people who have chosen to be car-free too.

We believe all major streets should get protected bike lanes when they are repaved. We believe all neighborhood greenways need diverters now. We believe City and County staff need to grow to be sufficient to support safety programs like Safe Routes to School, bikeway maintenance, and vehicle speed reduction.

BikeLoud PDX believes many people choose to drive in Portland because cars are convenient, cheap to park, and roads are designed for easy car use. Cities around the world with effective leadership are redesigning streets for people instead of cars. Portland needs to be one of those cities and BikeLoud PDX is here to help.

Join us!