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  • Word is Bond Walk 1/28

  • Last second announcement for this weekend!

    Please RSVP and email!

    Saturday January 28th at 10am, Unthank Park!

    BikeLoud is really excited to invite all members to join BikeLoud and @wordisbondpdx on a free walking tour and listening to the story of how racist policy have shaped the Albina community.We are really fortunate to have this opportunity to listen and learn as we grow as a group, and really encourage all to join us Saturday! Please RSVP by emailing To find out more and to support @wordisbondpdx, go to their website the BikeLoud Board will be developing the BikeLoud equity statement as we continue to look at ways to listen, engage, and provide outreach for the new year. Any ideas or consideration as we work on this statement are greatly appreciated! Hope to see you there. #WordisBondPDX