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  • BikePortland (bicycle news blog with active comments section)
    Oregon Walks (pedestrian advocacy)
    The Street Trust (state-wide bicycle advocacy)
    Portlanders for Parking Reform (sensible parking strategies)
    Portland Bus Lane Project (transit priority advocacy)
    Livable Streets Action (Direct action group for walking and cycling)
    Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets (Vision Zero advocacy)
    Better Block PDX (tactical urbanism)
    Friends of the Green Loop ("Green Loop" concept advocates)
    No More Freeways PDX (anti-freeway expansion climate change group)
    OPAL (environmental justice)
    Portland Transport (mobility and accessibility in Portland-Vancouver)
    City Observatory (city planning and policy think tank)
    SHIFT (bike fun, including Pedalpalooza)
    City Repair (place-making)
    Park(ing) Day PDX (city effort to temporarily turn parking spots into public spaces)
    Your local neighborhood association
    Your local business association
    Business for a Better Portland